STISD has a powerful group of counselors, social workers and diagnosticians to support our students every day.

They invest their time in seeing that our students excel in and out of the classroom by providing mentoring opportunities, and seeing that students are getting the academic assistance needed to tackle STISD's challenging course curriculum. 

Not only do they provide social and personal guidance, but they see to it that students are not only accepted into a college or university of their choosing, but are prepared to lead at the collegiate level and in their future careers once they graduate from one of our high schools.



South Texas ISD Counseling Program will inspire, empower and develop confident students with academic, interpersonal and social-emotional skills that will contribute to their community as compassionate, successful and productive individuals. ​


South Texas ISD Comprehensive Counseling Program provides lifelong empowerment by collaborating with parents, staff and communities to ensure all students have the tools to reach their full potential. We foster an inclusive and safe learning environment that provides social emotional growth for successful academic achievement that supports the transition to post-secondary readiness.


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