February 2, 2021- BoardBits

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This e-newsletter highlights important news from the Feb. 2 board meeting of the STISD Board of Directors.

STISD Board of Directors recognized for board recognition month
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Students and campus principals recognized the STISD Board of Directors in honor of School Board Recognition Month. 

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Student Presenters from Science Academy 
Beau Werley
Olivia Garcia 


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Student Presenters from Health Professions
Kenisha Vora 
Deborah Lagas


In honor of school board recognition month, each campus presented the STISD Board of Directors with a small token of appreciation, as well as a few words of gratitude during the virtual meeting. 

Board approves two new Health Professions Health Science courses for 2021-2022

Board approves new internal committees 

The board approved an update to Policy BDB (LOCAL) to change and add to the internal standing committees of the board to better align with restructuring of district departments according to responsibilities. The committees listed below will replace the current internal board committees of Buildings and Grounds, Finance, and Policy, and will take effect for the upcoming board meeting to be held on Feb. 23.

  • Finance and Operations - The Finance and Operations committee will review, report, and recommend to the Board issues that are financial in nature, as well as items that impact district operations. This will include items such as accounts payable, financial statements, budget, annual audit report, insurance, donations, as well as items related to facilities, construction, grounds, transportation, food service, and safety.
  • Policy, Planning, Projects and Partnerships- The Policy, Planning, Projects and Partnerships committee will review, report, and recommend to the Board policies, strategic planning, innovative projects, and academic partnerships of the district and make reports and recommendations to the Board regarding changes, additions, and deletions, as necessary.
  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment- The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment committee will review, report, and recommend to the Board items concerning the district’s curriculum, instruction and assessment.
  • Community & Governmental Relations- The Community & Governmental Relations committee will review, report and recommend to the Board those items that aid in the marketing of the district, as well as opportunities for the Board members to act as ambassadors in promoting community awareness and partnerships.

New assistant principals named at Health Professions, Science Academy and World Scholars 

Magdalena Ojeda, Assistant Principal at Health Professions
Janis De Luna, assistant principal at Science Academy
Eric Gutierrez, assistant principal at World Scholars
Julia Ramirez, assistant principal at World Scholars

Julia Ramirez 
Assistant Principal
World Scholars

The district held a YouTube Premiere on Saturday, Jan. 30, to unveil the STISD Virtual Tour.

STISD Virtual Tour + Enrollment information