August 23, 2022- BoardBits

This e-newsletter highlights important news from the August 23 meeting of the STISD Board of Directors, as well as other recent and upcoming district and campus happenings.

Board receives report on 2022 State Accountability Ratings, recognizes campuses and district community

The Board of Directors received a report on the 2022 State Accountability Ratings during the Aug. 23 board meeting, and recognized campuses and the district community for the hard work done to earn all As in the first year of letter grades since 2019.

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The district and campuses continued to celebrate, with follow-up banner presentations held at each campus. See below for photos from these campus events.

2022 State Accountability ratings and distinction designations for campuses

Preparatory Academy

Group photo

Rising Scholars

Rising Scholars Academy group photo from A Rating celebration

Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy group photo from A Rating celebration

Health Professions

Group photo of Health Professions faculty and staff

Medical Professions

Medical Professions group photo from A Rating celebration

Science Academy

Group photo

World Scholars

World Scholars group photo from A Rating celebration
Decorative Image: BoardBits


Board adopts tax rate and budget for 2022-2023

The STISD Board of Directors approved the 2022-23 General Fund, Child Nutrition, and Debt Services Budgets and the district's tax rate as presented by STISD Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations, Marla Knaub, at the August 23 meeting. At $89,150,146, the budget decreased from last year’s budget of $119,046,883. The property tax remained at $.0492 per $100 in property value, although the Board motion implied an increase in the tax rate, as mandated by state statute.

Estimated Revenue for 2022-23 totals $81,585,148, an increase of 11 percent over the 2021-22 year. The breakdown is:

  • Local/Intermediate/Out of State: $35,603,065 (43.6 percent);
  • State Programs Revenues: $45,082,083 (55.3 percent);
  • Federal Programs Revenues: $400,000 (.49 percent); and
  • Other Resources Accounts: $500,000 (.61 percent)

Expenditures for the 2022-23 school year total $89,150,146. The breakdown for Expenditures by Object is:

  • Salary Expenses: $58,438,637 (65.6 percent);
  • Purchased & Contracted Services: $9,819,015 (11.0 percent);
  • Supplies & Materials: $5,274,703 (6.0 percent)
  • Other Operating Expenses: $4,469,716 (5.0 percent);
  • Capital Outlay: $10,394,800 (11.7 percent);
  • Operating Transfers Out: $753,275 (0.8 percent)

The Salaries expenditure accounts for nearly two thirds of the STISD budget. In the Expenditures by Function breakdown, $37,280,660 - over 40 percent of the total budget - is dedicated to Instruction. Maintenance & Operations is the next largest allocation with $11,260,018 (12.6 percent), followed by Capital Improvements with $7,700,000 (8.6 percent), and Student Transportation with $7,657,652 (8.6 percent). General Administration accounts for $4,587,375 (5.1 percent), and School Administration is $4,330,925 (4.9 percent). Guidance and Counseling is next on the list with $3,496,110 (3.9 percent). Knaub also recommended during the August board meeting that the district maintain 6 months operating cash within the fund balance and designate the following amounts:

Unassigned fund balance: $34,118,317 (6 months operating cash)
Designated fund balance: $47,793,002 (for future projects, including 2022-2023 capital projects)
Committed Fund Balance: $6,037,015 (committed for specific projects)
Total fund balance: $87,948,334


Construction Updates

Frank Treviño, STISD Construction Manager, reported on the following projects:

  • New Rising Scholars Academy Campus: The district is continuing to work with the architect to reevaluate the plans, and will make any adjustments necessary to assist with cost.
  • New Health Professions Gymnasium: The architect is working with consultants to continue with the design phase. At the time of the report, we were at 75 percent in the Design Development Phase and pending information from the Geotechnical Report.

  • Edinburg Complex Fencing: As of August 18, 2022, the subcontractor had removed 1,000 linear feet of damaged galvanized chain link fence. It is being replaced with black vinyl coated chain link fence, posts, and top rail. The work is being done in sections to ensure the complex is secured at all times. Weather permitting, the project was projected to be completed in four weeks.

  • New Central Administration & Professional Development Building Renovation Project: Construction continues on the interior and exterior of the building. See photos below.

Photos: Construction Progress of New Central Administration + Professional Development Building

Exterior view of Central Administration Building construction progress as of August 2022
Interior view of Central Administration Building construction progress as of August 2022
Interior view of Central Administration Building construction progress as of August 2022
Interior view of Central Administration Building construction progress as of August 2022


Board approves Teacher Incentive Allotment plan and payments for 2021-2022

The STISD Board of Directors approved the 2021-2022 Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) plan and payments during the Aug. 23 board meeting.

The approved plan aligns with TIA statutory requirements, TEC 48.112, which states: A district shall annually certify that funds received under this section are used as follows: at least 90% of each allotment received under Subsection (c) was used for the compensation of teachers employed at the campus at which the teacher for whom the district received the allotment is employed; and up to 10% can be used for costs associated with supporting local designation system or to support teacher in obtaining designation. Districts must expend the funding to meet statute by August 31, 2022 each year (i.e. allotment dollars generated in 2021-2022 designations must be expended by August 31, 2022).

For any funds received by STISD for designated teachers under the TIA, 90 percent will be paid to the designated teacher. The remaining 10 percent will be used for administrative expenses and professional development. Should the district receive funding for a designated teacher who has resigned or retired, the district will forward payment to the resigned or retired teacher as soon as practicable. There will be no retention requirement such as requiring a teacher to be employed on a certain date to receive the funding in order for the compensation to be TRS eligible.


Other Board Actions

  • The Board approved the rescheduling of the Nov. 22, 2022, and June 27, 2023, board meetings to the following dates, respectively: Dec. 6, 2022, and June 20, 2023, to address schedule conflicts.
  • The Board voted to approve the district's selection of Gomez Mendez Saenz, Inc. as the architect of record for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Marla Knaub, Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations, provided the board with a report on ESSER I, II, and III funds. The district has approximately $4 million in ESSER funds to use by the end of the fiscal year 2023.
  • The Board had the final reading and approved Policy Update 119. Update 119 contains (LOCAL) policies which require board action and adoption notification prior to publishing on the district’s online policy manual.
  • The Board received a report on the district's research and progress in putting together proposals for a new Employee Longevity Incentive.


Join us in our "$7 for 7" Initiative on Sept. 14 and make a difference in lives of STISD students

Education Foundation Giving Day is Sept. 14. Everyone is encouraged to make a pledge of at least $7 for the 7 campuses.


Inside STISD Video Highlights

Science Academy Student Attends Yuma Girls Leadership Program in Washington D.C.

STISD Professional Development Highlight


World Scholars All in One

Virtual Academy Option for RGV Homeschoolers


Mental Health Matters: Back-to-School Toolkit from Mental Health America

By now, most of us have read or seen stories on the youth mental health crisis plaguing our country. From an ongoing pandemic, lack of in-person social interactions, social upheaval, and more, kids and teens are facing once-in-a-lifetime events that even adults aren’t sure how to handle.

Adolescence is already a confusing time without the added fears concerning safety in schools, staying healthy, family financial security, and loss of loved ones – so we shouldn’t be surprised that the rates of anxiety, depression, suicide, and other mental health conditions are on the rise.

Mental Health America recognizes with their new Back-to-School Toolkit that our youth are having “All the Feels” as they enter the new school year. These resources look at the issues young people face that are having an impact on their mental health and offer tips on how to deal with them and the resulting emotions. The MHA toolkit can also help parents and school personnel better understand the issues, such as the effects of social media on youth mental health and how to be supportive.

Click here to access the full article and the Back-to-School Toolkit

All the Feels: Mental Health America's 2022 Back to School Toolkit - access at

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