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Beginning on Monday, March 30, the district will offer packs of grab-and-go breakfast and lunch meals two times during the week - on Mondays and Wednesdays only - from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. each day. Families will still be able to receive enough breakfast and lunch meals to serve their children Monday through Friday. On Monday, STISD will provide two sets of breakfast and lunch meals (four meals total), and on Wednesday, STISD will provide three sets of breakfast and lunch meals (six meals total) for children 18 years of age and under. These meals are provided at no cost to the family, and children do not have to be enrolled within STISD to receive meals.

Children do not have to accompany their parents to pick up meals; however, the district will ask parents to provide one of the following forms of documentation for any children for which they are requesting meals: official letter/email from school listing children enrolled; individual student report cards; attendance record from parent portal of school website; birth certificate for children; student ID cards. Please note that these records can be from STISD or from another local school district.

To allow for the packaging of several days' worth of meals, the district will serve meals that can be refrigerated and warmed up. Instructions for storing and reheating will be provided along with each meal.

STISD will continue the curbside pick-up process at the four campuses where meals are currently being served:

Edinburg: Gateway to the World Library parking lot- located between South Texas ISD Preparatory Academy and South Texas ISD World Scholars (510 S. Sugar Rd., Edinburg)

Mercedes: South Texas ISD Health Professions (100 Med High Drive, Mercedes) - loop between Health Professions and Science Academy

Olmito: South Texas ISD Medical Professions (10650 N Expressway 77/83, Olmito) - south side parking lot of the campus, first entrance off of the frontage road

San Benito: South Texas ISD Rising Scholars Academy (151 S. Helen Moore Rd., San Benito)- parking lot off of Paso Real, in front of cafeteria

For additional information, contact Oliver Galvan, Child Nutrition Director, at or 956.514.4236.

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