World Scholars 22-23

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For all the creative and curious souls, South Texas ISD World Scholars is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program campus, with over 50 courses to choose from. We aren't kidding when we say we have something for everyone. As a World Scholar, you are not only eligible to graduate with an international diploma, but also eligible for free college/university credit opportunities + an associates degree. 

2022-2023 Course Offerings: Core Courses

Expand each section for courses by each year.

Career & Technical Education

The following are suggested CTE pathways for the programs of study.

Expand each section for certification opportunities and courses by the year.

*Pending partnerships for accreditation
** Qualifying students can take Government and Economics during the summer between Junior and Senior year to open their schedule for more electives.
IB Diploma students must take the following HL classes: English III/IV, History of the Americas, and the chosen IB Elective.

Concentrator: A student served by an LEA who has completed two or more courses for at least 2 credits in a single program of study

Completer: A student served by an LEA who has completed 3 or more courses for 4 or more credits including an advanced course (level 3 or 4) within an approved program of study.

South Texas ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability or genetic information in employment or provision of services, programs or activities.

 South Texas ISD no discrimina de acuerdo a raza, color, origen nacional, genero, religión, edad, información genética, o incapacidad en el empleo o la disposición de servicios, programas o actividades.

Apply for Admission 

Applications for admission must be submitted via the online Schoolmint application.