As an STISD parent, you have so many experiences and milestones to look forward to as you child grows within the STISD community and as an individual ready to take on higher education, future careers and life. 

Committing and Excelling at STISD. 

STISD is known for its challenging academics and long commutes to each of our schools, which can be quite intimidating at first when you think of the challenges your child may face up ahead, but that's why we're here to help make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your child. Not only does your child become part of the STISD family, but so do you. 

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When you enroll your child to one of STISD's six campuses, students have the opportunity to experience the district, campus and the culture before starting classes in the fall by attending up to three summer camps hosted by their designated campus. This allows students to prepare for their journey with us, explore programs, meet new people and experience the STISD community first-hand. Summer camps vary from campus to campus. To learn about campus-specific summer camps, please visit your campus site. 


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STISD provides support when you need it. 

Parent Resources:  

STISD has a powerful group of counselors, social workers and diagnosticians to support our students on the daily. 

They invest their time in seeing that our students excel in-and-out of the classroom, by providing mentoring opportunities, and seeing through that students are getting the academic assistance needed to tackle STISD's challenging course curriculum. 

Not only do they provide social and personal guidance, but they see through that students are not only accepted into a college or university of their choosing, but are prepared to lead at the collegiate level and in their future careers once they graduate from one of our four high schools. 

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