The Education Foundation of STISD 

The Education Foundation of South Texas ISD was established in 2004 to support the students of the district, and since that time, the organization has awarded over $600,000 in scholarships and enrichment grants.

The mission of the Education Foundation of South Texas ISD is to generate and distribute resources that provide and sustain opportunities for educational growth for the students of STISD.


  • Build community awareness of the Foundation
  • Support STISD students' educational goals by allocating scholarships and summer enrichment grants
  • Preserve and perpetuate the endowment by building community-wide partnerships
Education Foundation is looking for board members to serve STISD and its students

Board members can come from inside or outside of the district community. Parents, faculty and staff, businesspeople and community members from all three counties served are welcome. Interested? Please take a few moments to complete the form. 

I am interested!


Featured testimonials from Scholarship recipients 

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Decorative image: quote from foundation scholarship recipient
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2023 Scholarship Recipients:

Health Professions: 

  • Uzair Bilal
  • Emilio Del Angel
  • Daniella Morgado
  • Tyler Ramos
  • Jonathan Huang
  • Kyara De Jesus
  • McKenzie Brown
  • Cassandra Munoz

Medical Professions: 

  • Diego Alvear
  • Ilianna Baez
  • Stephanie Marroquin
  • Raiza Mosuela
  • Ricardo Ramos
  • Olivia Serna
  • Aaron Silva
  • Alyssa Hinojosa

Science Academy: 

  • Rylei Ripley
  • Emilio Repetto-Ayala
  • Kristina Aceves
  • Emma Cantu
  • Madeline Schneider
  • Lucas Espinosa
  • Alexander Vincent
  • Sarah Benavides

World Scholars:

  • Ximena Munoz
  • Ethan Cruz
  • Ezequiel Carrillo
  • Ernesto Alvarez
  • Xamara Longoria
  • Dante Tovar
  • Ghya Salinas
  • Gilberto Castro


Students smiling