High School

South Texas ISD Virtual Academy will open in Fall of 2021 serving students in grades 6 and 9 only, and will phase in additional grades as the cohorts progress through the school years and new ones enroll.  

The high school graduation plan consists of a Foundation Graduation Plan for every student and five endorsements from which students may choose, depending on their interests.

All students will graduate following this plan will also receive the Distinguished Level of Achievement. This allows them to compete for top 10% automatic admissions at any Texas public university and positions them to be among those first in line for a TEXAS Grant should they qualify financially.

In addition to the credits earned on the Foundation Plan, college-bound students in the Foundation Plan will complete:

  • 1 advanced course credit in each Math and Science.
  • 2 credits of targeted electives.
  • 1-4 required electives to meet a selected endorsement.

Dual Credit/Associate Degree Opportunities

High school students will have the opportunity to enroll in dual credit courses and obtain an associate degree.

Year One (2021-2022)

Year Two (2022-2023)

Year Three (2023-2024)

Year Four (2024-2025)