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Planning for the Future: STISD completing Strategic Planning in Fall 2023

STISD is excited to announce it's working alongside The Center for Model Schools this fall to complete the STISD Strategic Plan for 2024-2029. The strategic planning process kicked off in October 2023, and is scheduled for completion in December 2023.

STISD and The Center for Model Schools will gather feedback from different stakeholder groups within the district community, and will use collected data to develop a plan to guide the district over the next 5 years.

To ensure all groups have a voice in the development of the plan, students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, the Board of Directors, and others will be invited to participate in various ways throughout the process.

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STISD kicks off Strategic Planning Process: Community is coming together to develop plan for 2024-2029

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STISD is working alongside a team of experts from The Center for Model Schools to collect and analyze data from throughout the district community and to develop a new Strategic Plan for the district to follow over the next five years.

A Strategic Planning Leadership Team (SPLT) was formed to carry out this process on behalf of the district. Made up of members of the district's Educational Improvement Council and others, the team includes students, parents, professional teaching staff, and other professionals from throughout the district. The SPLT has met two times to-date, reviewing in detail the process to be followed, analyzing data collected through focus groups, classroom visits and a community survey, and initiating the drafting of goals. The Strategic Planning Process is scheduled to run from October to December.


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Feedback needed: STISD Strategic Planning Survey: 2024-2029

This survey is now closed. Thank you to all those who shared feedback.

Timeline for STISD Strategic Planning process in fall of 2023
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Strategic Planning News

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STISD is excited to announce it’s working alongside The Center for Model Schools this fall to complete its Strategic Plan for 2024-2029. To ensure all groups have a voice in the development of the plan, we've developed a Community Survey. Please take a few minutes to share your feedback with us by 5 pm on Friday, Oct. 13.


Previous Strategic Plan: 2017-2022

STISD adopted its last Strategic Plan in the spring of 2017 to direct the district's course over the next five years.

Call to Action: Each student thrives in real world challenges as a visionary in a global society.

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