Students qualify to compete at International HOSA competition

Students qualify to compete at International HOSA competition

40 students will represent STISD at the HOSA- Future Health Professionals International Leadership Conference, June 22-25 in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Teams and individuals from our two medically-themed high schools: South Texas ISD Health Professions (Health Professions) and South Texas ISD Medical Professions (Medical Professions) continue to set the bar and advance to this level of competition, and our two middle schools: South Texas ISD Preparatory Academy (Preparatory Academy) and South Texas ISD Rising Scholars Academy (Rising Scholars) are now also following in those same footsteps. 

This is the first year students from our Rising Scholars Academy in San Benito competed at the State Leadership Conference, and in its first year of competition, 15 students qualified to Internationals. 

Preparatory Academy, in Edinburg, had its first round of International qualifiers last season, as they too advanced after having competed at the State Leadership Conference for the very first time. 

STISD also had a team from Medical Professions: MRC Partnership, which provides members the opportunity to initiate and maintain a partnership with their local/state Medical Reserve Corps units, receive the ‘Top Fundraiser’ Award through the ‘Be the Match’ program, offering support to individuals dealing with life-threatening blood cancers and diseases like leukemia and sickle cell. Members of the team include: Marco Basurto, Trisha Bhakta, Zerni Bhakta, Ninia Menguito and Chantal Patino.

This season, high school and middle school students will compete in a mix of events in the following categories: health science, emergency preparedness, leadership and teamwork. 

Give it up for your STISD International HOSA qualifiers: 

Health Professions | Mercedes: 

  • Sealtiel Anulao - First Aid/CPR Team - 3rd Place 
  • Nilani Nmuthoo-Limon - First Aid/CPR Team - 3rd Place  

Medical Professions | Olmito: 

  • Jeri Escalona - Medical Art Poster - 3rd Place
  • Jose Garza - Speaking Skills - 2nd Place
  • Anjali Pisharodi - Clinical Specialty - 2nd Place
  • Alexa Isabella Valdez - Dental Science - 3rd Place

Preparatory Academy | Edinburg: 

  • Josceline Cantu - Life Threatening Situations - 3rd Place
  • Chanel De Leon - Health Career Display - 2nd Place 
  • Mikaela Dublado - Public Health - 2nd Place 
  • Erica Elizondo - Foundations of Medical Terminology - 1st Place 
  • Emilia Garcia - Public Health Team - 2nd Place 
  • Mahaa Gondi - Public Health Team - 2nd Place
  • Diana John - Public Health Team - 2nd Place
  • Greta Keller - Extemporaneous Health Poster - 3rd Place 
  • Chennah Kim - Extemporaneous Health Poster - 1st Place 
  • Gabriella Madrigal - Prepared Speaking - 3rd Place
  • Kaylee Mendoza - Public Health 2nd Place
  • Gouri Menon - Prepared Speaking - 2nd Place
  • Aleena Paul - Nutrition - 1st Place
  • Gabriella Recinos - Public Health - 2nd Place
  • Helena Solis - Health Career Display - 2nd Place 
  • Jeremy Thomas - Health Career Display - 3rd Place
  • Elsa Thomas - Health Career Display - 1st Place 
  • Evelyn Valdez - Foundations of Medical Terminology - 2nd Place 
  • Julianna Velasco - Health Career Display - 3rd Place 

Rising Scholars Academy | San Benito: 

  • Destynee Cuellar - Dynamic Decisions Team Event - 3rd Place 
  • Melissa De Leon - Foundations of Nutrition - 3rd Place
  • Juan Flores - Math for Health Careers - 3rd Place 
  • Felicity Fok - Prepared Speaking - 1st Place 
  • Valeria Garcia - Life Threatening Skills - 1st Place 
  • Liani Gomez - Dynamic Decisions Team Event - 3rd Place 
  • Grecia Hernandez - Dynamic Decisions Team Event - 3rd Place
  • Sofia Lucio - Medical Reading - 2nd Place 
  • Vladislava Milova - Dynamic Decisions Team Event - 3rd Place 
  • Alexandra Saavedra - Life Threatening Skills - 2nd Place 
  • Elizabeth Taw - Math for Health Careers - 1st Place 
  • Camila Trejo - Healthy Lifestyle - 1st Place 
  • Maria Trejo - Dynamic Decisions Team Event - 3rd Place 
  • Aisleen Villarreal - Healthy Lifestyle - 2nd Place 
  • Sarah Winkler - Foundations of Nutrition - 2nd place