Student in Frame | Milind Patil

Student in Frame | Milind Patil

Meet: Milind Patil:

  • Virtual learner
  • Math enthusiast
  • Chess player
  • Pianist
  • Tennis player
  • Critical thinker

In his first-year at STISD, Patil, 6th-grader at the Virtual Academy, has already had the opportunity to do what he loves both academically and athletically.

To name a few, he’s competed in UIL math, science and number sense, chess tournaments and most recently at the State Texas Math and Science Coaches Association Tournament put together for UIL competitors.

When we asked Patil to share one unique characteristic about himself he said: Disciplined, and discipline has served a great deal in his ability to manage his online learning and extracurriculars, and the flexibility that comes along with online learning. He also credits the faculty and staff at Virtual Academy for establishing an incredible learning atmosphere that keeps him disciplined and motivated to be a great online learner.

Patil one-day hopes to go into either the medical or engineering field, and looks forward to exploring the many career-focused offerings available to our students that will assist in solidifying his decision when the time comes.

This month, we are in frame with Milind Patil.

  • Favorite hobby?  Chess 
  • Favorite artist or song? Artist: Bruno Mars | Song: The Script- Hall of Fame
  • Favorite Virtual Academy memory so far?  Playing Gimkit (educational game) in math class
  • Favorite subject: Math | Favorite Teacher: Each and every teacher at the Virtual Academy 
  • What profession do you wish to pursue? Maybe Medical or Engineering, but still deciding
  • Tell us one unique characteristic about yourself. Disciplined 
  • In one word, how would you describe your experience as an STISD/Virtual Academy student? Awesome 
  • What advice would you give to someone on the fence about enrolling to one of our schools? It is the best learning atmosphere with faculty and staff who are always encouraging and recognizing students' achievements.

Seasonal Themed-Q&A: Spring

  • What do you love most about Spring?  I love Spring Break as it gives students time to relax.
  • What’s the best April Fool’s Prank you’ve pulled, or what is one that has been pulled on you?  The best is yet to come!
  • What are you most looking forward to this Easter holiday?  Easter egg hunting
  • What is your go-to Easter candy?  Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs 
MilindPatil- Virtual Academy student