Student in Frame | Carmen Herrera

Student in Frame | Carmen Herrera

Not only is the sweet and open-minded Bio-Loving senior from Medical Professions genetically-tuned with all things biology, she is genetically-synced with all things STISD - it’s in her DNA.

As a daughter to an STISD alumnus, her STISD legacy goes way back then most - and twists like a colorful, fun and innovative individual seeking to pursue her passion in biology and genetics come fall 2023. She hopes to start her collegiate career at The University of Texas and study genetic engineering, conducting all the research she can handle, while one-day also pursuing a doctorates.

In her sixth year as an STISD student, she speaks highly of her time here with us, and in one word describes it as REWARDING. She credits her AP Biology teacher, Mrs. Rudd, for being the absolute best and fueling her passion in biology to one day also teaching biology and more to the next generation of Bio-loving individuals at the collegiate level as a professor.

When she’s not participating in activities through the National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and HOSA- Future Health Professions and volunteering at her church, Herrera loves to pass time listening to singer/songwriter: Mitski while bringing her ideas to life through the art of crocheting. Her most favorite and long-processed project was crocheting a king-sized comforter- looping colors, creating patterns hook by hook and creating a unique final design, much like DNA.

Herrera is definitely a hard worker, and her accomplishments and ambition do not go unnoticed - hence the ‘Student in Frame’ Feature. If you ask us, she deserves her favorite heart-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups this Valentine’s season for all her work here with us and for keeping the family legacy going and passing that legacy down to her two younger sisters, students at Medical Professions and Science Academy. 

This month we are in frame with Carmen Herrera: 

  • Favorite hobby?  Crocheting (Freshman year)   King-sized comforter (3-4 months)
  • Favorite artist or song? Artist: Mitski | Song: Class of 2013
  • Favorite Medical Professions memory so far?  Dissecting a cow’s heart
  • Favorite subject? Biology | Teacher: Mrs. Rudd (Biology)
  • What profession do you wish to pursue? Studying Biology | Earn a Doctorates in Cellular or Molecular Biology and go into genetic engineering and do research and eventually become a professorUniversity: The University of Texas
  • Tell us one unique characteristic about yourself. - I’m very open-minded - especially when it comes to conflicts.
  • In one word, how would you describe your experience as an STISD/Medical Professions student? Rewarding
  • What advice would you give to someone on the fence about enrolling to one of our schools? Speak with any of our administrators, faculty, staff and students to answer any questions, and also look at your goals and see if they align with what our district has to offer.

Seasonal Themed-Q&A: Valentines

  • What do you love most about STISD? I love how the district recognizes our students. Any student that puts in the work is recognized. Nothing goes unheard here.
  • What is your favorite Valentine candy? Heart-shaped Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Photos of student: Carmen Herrera