STISD & Parent ProTech Partner to Promote Online Safety

STISD & Parent ProTech Partner to Promote Online Safety

STISD is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Parent ProTech, a platform focused on digital citizenship education and online safety. The partnership aims to empower families, students, and educators with the tools and knowledge to safely navigate the digital landscape. 

STISD families will gain access to Parent ProTech's comprehensive digital safety resources. Parents and caregivers will receive valuable insights, expert advice, and actionable tips to safeguard their childrens’ experiences online and foster a safer home environment.  

Parent ProTech resources provide answers to a wide variety of questions on social media, video games, AI, and streaming, like: 

  • What is the purpose of this platform? 

  • How do you navigate this platform? 

  • How do you set privacy, content blocking, and time restrictions on a child’s device? 

  • Is your data being protected? 

  • How do you start conversations with your children about this platform? 

"We are excited to join forces with South Texas ISD in our shared mission of creating a safer online community," said Brock Murphy, CEO at Parent ProTech. "By combining Parent ProTech's expertise in digital citizenship and online safety with South Texas ISD’s commitment to innovation in and out of the classroom, we can empower families, students, and educators to navigate the online world responsibly and create a safer community for all." 

The partnership represents a significant step toward fostering digital literacy and resilience among students and their families. By combining their expertise, both organizations strive to build a safer, more informed community that nurtures responsible digital citizens. 

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About Parent ProTech: Parent ProTech aims to empower families and educators in safely navigating technology, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the safety of children while enhancing their learning and overall well-being. For more information, visit