Rising Scholars’ Esports team competes in national competition

Rising Scholars’ Esports team competes in national competition

RSA Esports participants

In its first year of existence at South Texas ISD Rising Scholars Academy (Rising Scholars) in San Benito, the Esports Club has already made a name for itself— nationwide. 

One of the Rising Scholars teams – Team RSA Smash Crew – was one of 20 middle school teams in the nation to compete in the Middle School Esports League (MSEL) Fall Major 2020 playoffs after qualifying from a nine-week gaming tournament. 

The seven-member team competed in the semi-final playoff round: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Crew Battle competition for an overall fourth-place finish. 

According to MSEL, the league aims to harness middle school students’ passion for video games through organized competition and provide beneficial academic opportunities. 

One of the Rising Scholars Esports coaches, Mr. David Rivera, expresses the positives he’s seen in each of the club members since starting the program. 

“This opportunity has served as a great social outlet, especially during these times,” said Rivera, “and also teaches students how to work as a team, provide positive feedback, take responsibility and make sure they keep up a high-grade point average to remain eligible to play.”   

The Esports Club currently consists of 32 members, and is looking to expand in the new year and prepare for a new season of competition.  

“Right now, the biggest challenge is getting rid of the stereotypes and making others aware that Esports isn’t just about playing video games. It’s a rapid growing sport that offers many academic opportunities and scholarships for students looking to pursue higher education. There is definitely more at stake than just playing a game.” 


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