In Frame: Ruben Ramirez

In Frame: Ruben Ramirez

In Frame - Ruben Ramirez | 6th-grader at South Texas ISD Preparatory Academy 

Ruben see’s his future but lives for the moment.

He aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a lawyer just like dad.

He’s witnessed first-hand the time and energy that goes into being successful in the legal field, and is determined to be all in leading up to that point, but also having fun along the way.

These days, fun for Ruben means playing soccer, archery and hanging out with friends on the weekends, oh and math class - his favorite. :)

He’s a straight A-student, focused on academics, but also allows himself the flexibility to simply enjoy life as an STISD student without having to over commit.

In his first year as an STISD student, it didn’t take long for him to feel at home. He loves everything about the culture and all he’s experienced so far.

When it comes time for high school, he’s got his eyes set on Health Professions in Mercedes, and either TCU or Texas A&M for college, but what he really hopes for, is to get into Harvard then Harvard Law to continue the legal legacy.

This month, we are in frame with Ruben Ramirez.

Student seen smiling

Full Q&A: 

  • Favorite hobbies? Soccer and archery 
  • Favorite music genre? All styles
  • Favorite artist: Pit Bull |  Favorite song? Feel this moment by PitBull
  • Favorite subject? Math Favorite teacher? Can’t choose just one - PA has the best!
  • Are you involved in any extracurriculars at Preparatory Academy or outside of STISD? No
  • What profession do you wish to pursue?  Law - Become a personal injury lawyer like my dad. 
  • Tell us one unique characteristic about yourself. He never wants to give up
  • In one word, how would you describe your experience as an STISD/Preparatory Academy student? The best
  • What advice would you give to someone on the fence about enrolling to one of our schools? Never give up!
  • How have your teachers played a role in your overall well-being as a student? They’ve made me feel comfortable and motivate me to do my best.
  • Who’s your favorite person in the whole world? My parents
  • If you could tell your favorite person one thing what would it be? Thank you for always motivating me and pushing me to be my best.
  • What’s your favorite on-campus activity? Play soccer during PE
  • Who inspires you? My dad cause he never gives up. Even in all the bad trials as a lawyer, he always pushes through.
  • What do they inspire you to do?  
  • Favorite thing to do on the weekends?  Hand out with friends
  • What do you want to be known for?  Never wanting to give up and always moving forward
  • What would your spirit animal be? A fox cause I’m sly
  • Which STISD high school do you wish to attend? Health Professions | Mercedes
  • Top College/University picks: TCU or Texas A&M, but top pick is Harvard then get accepted into Harvard Law