In Frame - Mia Nevarez

In Frame - Mia Nevarez

In Frame: Mia Neveraz

  • Junior at South Texas ISD World Scholars | Edinburg 
  • Loves robotics and computer programming 
  • Robotics Club President
  • Enjoys serving and helping people 

Born into a family of migrant workers, Mia is deeply rooted in hard work. It’s no easy lifestyle, in fact it’s quite the sacrifice - always on the move, with working summers and no time to establish friendships or a place one can truly call home- but she embraced the lifestyle and who it’s made her as a person: strong, determined and good-willed.

A couple of years ago now, Mia and her family made the move to the Rio Grande Valley, and it’s been the best one so far she says.

“I’ve never had a steady place to live until now,” said Mia. “Now more than ever I finally have the opportunity to connect with my teachers here at World Scholars and have experienced first-hand the impact they have made in making me an overall better student and person.”

She’s happy to say she’s finally found her home. Gone are the days of Mia hiding behind her bright self. With the help and support of her teachers, she’s broken out of her shyness, and is now found leading the Robotics Club as president, and is part of Business Professionals of America, UIL and hopes to also add National Honor Society to the mix.

Traveling is still part of her lifestyle, it just looks a little different these days.

She rides the bus for two hours - five days out of the week - just to get to and from her home in San Benito to World Scholars in Edinburg, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s part of the sacrifice she says, and she’s grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best and meet other students valley-wide who bring such a diverse experience she’s grown to love. Oh, and she raves about the rides coming with free Wi-Fi too.

Aside from her normal school work load and extracurriculars during the week, she is also enrolled in dual enrollment courses at UTRGV preparing for a future career in law enforcement or computer programming. On the weekends, she can be found working at her grandparents nursery, or helping her father down at a neighboring private airport. Let’s just say she can’t live without her calendar and is queen of alarms to stay on schedule.

Work - it’s part of her roots- and no matter how big the load she perseveres-and holds on every so strongly to the two women (mom and grandmother) that showed her how to do exactly that. There’s beauty behind the struggle and sacrifices, and Mia’s got it!

This month, we are in frame with Mia Nevarez.

Decorative image - Mia Nevarez


Favorite hobby? Reading (mythology) and Robotics

Favorite music genre? Mix of pop and Spanish Favorite artist: Bad Bunny Favorite song? Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter

Favorite subject? Computer Science Programming and Pre-Cal

Favorite teacher? Mr. Gonzalez (Computer Science & Robotics) + Ms. Beglin (Pre-Cal) 

Are you involved in any extracurriculars on campus? Robotics Club President, BPA, NHS and UIL

What profession do you wish to pursue? Law enforcement or computer science

Tell us one unique characteristic about yourself. I love doing stuff for others.

In one word, how would you describe your experience as an STISD/World Scholars student? Diverse

What advice would you give to someone on the fence about enrolling to one of our schools? Do your research and pick one of the STISD schools that is going to benefit you and your future goals. We’ve got plenty to choose from too.

How have your teachers played a role in your overall well-being as a student? They’ve played a major role - mostly because I am a migrant student. I’ve never had a steady place to live until now, and now more than ever, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with my teachers and have first-hand the impact they have made in making me an overall better student and person.

Who’s your favorite person in the whole world? My mom - I love her perseverance

If you could tell your favorite person one thing what would it be? Chill out - don’t stress over the small things in life and enjoy doing what you love.

What’s your favorite on-campus activity? Robotics meetings on Thursdays :)

Biggest lesson learned last school year? Be yourself.

Who inspires you? My mom and grandma

What do they inspire you to do? Both my mother and grandmother struggled a lot as migrant mothers, and the fact that both  persevered through the struggles that come along with being a migrant worker, wife, mother, child, etc., motivates me to keep going. 

Favorite thing to do on the weekends? 

1) Help my grandparents at their plant nursery. They only speak Spanish, so the fact that I can break the language barrier is awesome.

2) Help my dad at the Weslaco Private Airport. 

What do you want to be known for? My perseverance

What would your spirit animal be? A husky - just like my own Camilla - they are loud and dramatic and remind me a lot of me.