Facts regarding today's lock down at Preparatory Academy

Facts regarding today's lock down at Preparatory Academy

Good afternoon,

We thank you again for your patience today as we worked with law enforcement to address a situation we had at our Preparatory Academy campus and our Edinburg complex. We know there are rumors circulating on campus and outside of STISD regarding what happened, and we want to make sure you are all informed on the facts regarding the incident. Those facts are as follows:

  • Shortly before 10:00 a.m. this morning, a custodian found several rounds of ammunition within a restroom at our Preparatory Academy campus. 
  • She immediately reported her finding to administration. Out of an abundance of caution and due to recent events happening at our sister school districts in the last few days and within the last year across our state, we took all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of our students and staff, placing the entire Edinburg complex on lock down and notifying law enforcement. 
  • Law enforcement reported to our campuses right away, and once onsite, handled the situation, conducting a thorough search of the campus and an investigation.
  • Law enforcement did not find a weapon on campus. Once the all-clear was received, the lock down was lifted and we began releasing student to their parents who had reported to pick them up early. 

We are appreciative of the multiple-agency response from law enforcement and the work they put in today to secure our Edinburg campuses.

We understand this has been a stressful experience for our district community, and we have counseling staff onsite today, and will continue to have them available next week, for our students, faculty/staff, and any family members who may need support.

We want to commend our custodial staff for reporting what was found, and continue to encourage our campus community members to be vigilant and report any concerns they see or hear.

Safety is of utmost concern here at STISD, and we appreciate your partnership in our safety endeavors to keep all of our students, staff and community safe and secure. Safety is a true community effort, and we ask our students, our staff, and our families to continue to be vigilant in support of these efforts.


STISD Public Relations