Best of 2021

Best of 2021

STISD students find meaningful and rewarding moments + accomplishments to call one's 'Best of 2021' despite unusual year of uncertainty, but also full of opportunity and hope. 

Best of 2021 features one student from each STISD campus: 

  • Health Professions | Mercedes
  • Medical Professions | Olmito 
  • Preparatory Academy | Edinburg 
  • Rising Scholars | San Benito 
  • Science Academy | Mercedes 
  • World Scholars | Edinburg 
  • Virtual Academy | RGV 

Health Professions | Danielle Ebaseh-Onofa | Senior of Edinburg 

Best Moment: My best of ‘21 was ‘Senior Take Over’ because it was a preview of what we had to look forward to coming back to school in-person.

Favorite hobbies: Reading - Favorite Book: Save the day by Morgan

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Decorating the Christmas tree

What certification program are you a part of at Health Professions: Pharmacy Program

University of interest: Brown University

Major: Public Health

Images of Health Professions senior

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Medical Professions | Kassandra Rodriguez | Senior of Brownsville 

Best Moment: My best of ‘21 was obtaining my CPR certification which also put me on a path to qualifying in my CPR event to compete at the State HOSA-Future Health Professionals competition.

Favorite Hobbies: Dancing + Sports + Reading

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Putting up the Christmas tree with family

What certification program are you a part of at Medical Professions: Pharmacy Technician Certification Program

University of interest: Undecided

Major: Biomedical Science - Minor in Business

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Preparatory Academy | Manuel Reynoso | 8th-grader of Edinburg 

Best Moment: My best of ’21 was being the National Junior Honor Society President - despite virtual learning during the pandemic I was able to gain trust from our members and build connections through a screen.

Favorite Hobbies: Playing the piano

Favorite Holiday Tradition: The food

High School Selection: Science Academy | Mercedes 

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Rising Scholars | Anne Marie Lyssy | 8th-grader of Harlingen 

Best Moment:

My best moment in 2021 is coming back to school in-person. I really enjoy making new friends, talking to new people and having the opportunity to play sports again. We all went into the volleyball season barely knowing one another and we came out like a family. Each and every one of us improved so much, winning the district title and making it to rounds deep into the volleyball play-offs.

Favorite Hobbies: playing sports, baking and doodling

Favorite Holiday Tradition: being with family and making homemade polish sausage

University of interest: Texas A&M University

Major: Business

Portraits of RSA student

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Science Academy | Beau Werley | Senior of Harlingen 

Best Moment:

They say that a good friend is worth a thousand words… wait… or maybe I’m thinking of a picture. Regardless, this past year has placed us all in circumstances that we would have otherwise never experienced. Whether good or bad, both fostered a growth that would not have been possible had we not been in the situation which has since passed us by. It’s difficult to rewind my year and narrow it down to one, conceivable, “Best Moment of 2021” because for some of us there are either so many or so few to choose from. No matter our circumstances, I believe there’s at least one thing we can all be grateful for… a good friend. Not just any run-of-the-mill, average acquaintance, but a genuine, true friend. One who sticks closer than a brother. For me, it’s impossible to pinpoint one exact moment of this past year that I could say has surpassed all others, but rather it has been the people I spent it with that truly made it all worthwhile. We’ve all grown a lot this past year, so here’s to good friends, good family, good fellowship, and a successful 2022.

Favorite Hobbies: Music and playing the piano

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Putting up our families Christmas Village - we gather and fellowship and spread that holiday cheer around the house

University of interest: Colorado School of Mines

Major: Civil Engineering

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World Scholars | Jonathan Mendez | Senior of McAllen

Best Moment: My best of ‘21 was advancing to the Texas Charter School Academic & Athletic League volleyball tournament.

Favorite Hobbies: Sports and making music (Guitar, piano and drums)

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Opening gifts on Christmas

University of interest: Texas State University

Major: Kinesiology

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Virtual Academy | Abby Jones | 6th-grader of Brownsville 

Best Moment: My best of ‘21 was drawing a realistic eye.

Favorite hobbies: Art and Watching Marvel movies

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Decorating the Christmas tree

Favorite subject: Art and math

University of interest: Stanford or Yale

Major: Dermatology

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