Gifted and Talented

The philosophy of South Texas ISD reflects an understanding of the uniqueness of individual gifted/talented students.  Because the learning characteristics of gifted and talented students dictate learning experiences that differentiate from those provided for them in the regular school program, the district recognizes that special provisions must be made for these students in order to stimulate and maximize their achievement as well as provide for their social and emotional needs. 

South Texas ISD recognizes that gifted and talented students are found in all cultures, socioeconomic groups, geographic locales, and environments.  South Texas ISD will serve the needs of those students who perform at or show the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment.

About the Gifted and Talented Program

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Campus Contacts (Gifted & Talented Coordinators):

Health Professions (Mercedes): Laurie Kilbourn, Assistant Principal | | 956.565.2237
Medical Professions (Olmito): Lacy Holocker, Assistant Principal | | 956.214.6100
Preparatory Academy (Edinburg): Roberta Davila, Assistant Principal | | 956.381.5522
Rising Scholars Academy (San Benito): Jose Perez, Assistant Principal | | 956.399.4358
Science Academy (Mercedes): Rigo Olivarez, Assistant Principal | | 956.565.4620
Virtual Academy (100% Virtual): Itzahamara Moses, Dean of Instruction | | 956.260.2200
World Scholars (Edinburg): Dr. Cynthia Chairez, Principal | | 956.383.1684

District Contact:

Chief Academic Officer: Nereyda Trevino, Ed.D.
Phone: 956-565-2454 | Email:


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