Career & Technology Half-Day Program

Through the Career & Technology Half-Day Program, students with special needs can take the majority of their academic classes at their home high schools and take three career & technology courses and one core academic course at STISD high schools. 

The purpose of the Half-Day Career & Technology Program is to teach students in a real work environment so they gain a marketable edge in the workforce. Further, students gain the confidence they need to continue their education after high school. Graduates of the program have solid technical and social skills. 

Bus transportation is free of charge to all half-day program students, and students have the opportunity to compete in academic extracurricular organizations such as HOSA-Future Health Professionals and SkillsUSA. 


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Available Program at Health Professions

Decorative image - South Texas ISD Health Professions

Available Programs at Medical Professions

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Available Programs at Science Academy

Career & Technology Half-Day Enrollment Requirements

For more information or to discuss customizing your student's individual program plan, please contact the Career & Technology Half-Day Program Office: 956.514.4259. 

Career & Technology Half-Day Program Student Handbook