STPA Scores High on STAAR Mathematics Exam

STPA Scores High on STAAR Mathematics Exam
Jeff Hembree, deputy superintendent for STISD, shared the May 2015 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) mathematics results for the STPA campus during the Sept. 22 board meeting.

The state delayed the release of the mathematics results until September 2015 due to the implementation of new mathematics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) this past school year. The Texas State Board of Education reviewed the results and set new passing standards based upon the new TEKS.

At STPA, students test above grade level. For instance, 7th-grade students take 8th-grade math and 8th-graders take Algebra 1 (and the Algebra 1 EOC exam). The 8th-grade mathematics score is 93 percent.

In terms of other STPA STAAR scores, all are higher than 90 percent. Reading 7th-grade is 93 percent, while 8th-grade is 96 percent. Social studies 8th-grade is 92 percent. In Science, most 7th-graders take 8th-grade science and test in that particular level. This group of students, along with the 8th-graders in the course, scored 90 percent on this exam.

Mr. Hembree commended the STPA campus and all involved for their efforts leading to these results, “The students, parents, faculty, staff and administration at STPA continue to do an outstanding job in pushing the limits and achieving academic potential. We could not be prouder of all they have accomplished.”

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